“I believe in the power of the photo’s magic, the ability to touch the soul with light and shadow; to excite through color and balance”. “Through the eye of a photographer a glance becomes a romance, wind becomes a dancer when introduced to fabric, and motion is stopped in a heightened sense with the click of a shutter”. “I strive for that split-second magic that happens when motion, mood and mystery by come together to form powerful color, and black & white photographs”. “The many forces within my life have influenced my vision”.” From the early images I grew up seeing by Avedon and Skrebneski, my time living in Paris and New York, the friends I adore from Milan to L.A., and the compelling memory of Miami Beach; all have shaped me in quite an indescribable way”. “I enjoy the challenge of creating modern images, powerful visual stories that speak effectively of life and the many ways we live it”.” Art, images, visual; it’s all is like water to me”. “I need it to survive”. “Through the years I’ve taken many timely images which have become timeless of women, movie-stars, and personalities.”

“I have photographed campaigns that I have charged tens of thousands of dollars for and I have captured images that I have charged nothing for”. “I love what I do for a living and direct that passion toward your project”.

Client List

Altell ,AT&T ,WWD, W Magazine, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Vogue Espana, Vanidades, Harper's Bazaar en Espaniol, Harpers Bazaar Italia ,Beauty Handbook, Vanidadas, Marie Claire ,Cosmopolitan Italia, Cosmopolitan German, Gioia, Amica, Blow Up Magazine, ESPN Magazine,Postmortem Magazine, Of First Magazine, Dimension Magazine, Sarasota Magazine, Vassarette, Warner ,Bali, Macy’s ,Dillard’s ,Rich’s, Belk, Makes and Models Magazine ,Tennis View, Florida Tennis, Beauty Reinvented, Atlanta Magazine, Dossier Magazine, Karma Magazine, BMG Music, Sony Music, Warner Brothers, Universal Music Group, Shady Records, Interscope Records, Wimberley, Alison, Tong and Goo, Clear Channel ,Monsters in the Morning, ABC Television, ESPN, Banana Moon, Venus Swimwear ,Everything But Water ,Powercraft Magazine ,In Style Magazine, Coca Cola, NEC, Sony ,BMW ,Giorgio Armani, Shu Umura, Fit Magazine, Fitness, Ron Jon Surf Shop ,Reef ,Purple Door Salon ,Seventeen Magazine, Goody’s ,CVS, Walgreen’s, Walmart, Coin Department Store(Italy), Discovery Girls, Professional Photographer ,GRL Lab, Teen Extreme ,Look Good/ Feel Good ,Teen Beauty Handbook ,Reinventing Beauty Magazine, Second Effort Performance Products, OMC ,Apache Powerboats, Magnum Powerboats ,Aronow Powerboats, Mach Propellers, Caras, M&M’s ,Mars,Georgia Pacific ,Salvation Army ,Morris Architects, Love For Venus, Creative Light Entertainment, Gebbia Entertainment Group ,BMW Tennis Championships, Superstock, Photosport, Show Off Straps, Patterson Studios, Holt, Daniela Corte, Four Seasons Surfside Miami, Zink Magazine

What Matt is Like:

I like Archeology, History, Fashion, Cars, Music, Cult films, European cemeteries, Passion,Spontaneity, Kissing, Taking Chances, The Unknown, Philosophy, Astronomy, Pucci, The 70’s and 80’s Animals, Art, Architecture, Art-Deco furniture and architecture, Doorways, Lavish Hotels, Amusement Parks, The Ocean, Horse-back riding in the snow, Mayan ruins, Dachshunds, Australian Shepherds, strong french-press coffee, Italy, SoHo, Speed, releasing adrenaline, Jazz concerts, Sunset Grill, Roger Federer, Rickenbacker basses, a great game of tennis, Seafoam green, Ferrari red, warm sand between my toes, Songs in the Attic, Smoke on the Water, Chris Rea’s On the Beach as well as Fool If You Think Its Over, fields of lavender, public displays of affection, To Live and Die in L.A., crisp white linen shirts, worn espresso- colored leather couches and chairs, Gino Vannelli, Bobby Caldwell, Bottega Veneta Hermes, Waterman and Montblanc Pens, cheap dates, Patti Smith, white cliffs of Dover, Willy Wonka, The smell of Florida lakes and burnt gasoline(my old water skiing days), Waterfalls, Snickers, Brian DePalma movies, David Lynch, Pipe Organs,Left-over Pizza for breakfast, Salty buttery popcorn in a old musty movie theatre with torn velvet seats, Barbados, Capri, Santorini, Degas, Richard Avedon, Victor Skrebneski, Pamela Hansen, Milton H. Green, Alberto Varga, Antoni Gaudi, 800 thread count sheets, Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts, Batman, the scents of espresso and roasting chestnuts along the streets of Milano at Christmas time, Gatlinburg TN ,Apocalypse Now, dark photos of lingerie, Windmills, train rides through the Alps, old paint peeling on concrete and wooden walls, Lemurs in Madagascar, Catherine Deneuve, Rome, Salvador Dali, Picasso, Rodin, Hugh Prather, the Paris Metro, Atlanta in the Spring, Paris in April, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, very thin-crust pizza, The Pancake Pantry, everything in it’s place, stark contasts, incredible sound systems, Jim Beam, Mark Levinson, Mario Batali, Arthur Elgort, Rafael Nadal, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Zoom jerkbaits, Rapala DT’s, Herman Miller Aeron chairs, Appalachian Trail


Multiple Addy awards, Kodak Youth of America, PDN 30 under 30, Parade Magazine Award

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